Our institute has been in existence for 15 years and has trained more than 70 facilitators in six training courses and certified them according to the standards of the European Coaching Association (ECA). The focus is on the teaching and application of a precise threshold grammar for transformation, which is to be experienced and embodied in a variety of ways by the prospective facilitators.

The training is rooted in the archetypal transformational grammar developed by Iris von Tiedemann and Jürgen Kugele (, which was the structure of the Facilitator of Transformational Leadership training offered at the Institute for Transformational Leadership from 2009 to 2012.

Today, the basic structure of the series forms a more precise and evaluated threshold concept for transformation, based on the results of a research series in winter 2013/14 with Iris von Tiedemann and Dr. Felix Hoch.



Iris von Tiedemann

lives in Berlin and has been working as a business and teaching coach (ECA) for 25 years. She is trained as a process and system consultant and is the owner and director of this teaching institute, which has been in existence for 15 years. Iris von Tiedemann works primarily in intercultural design contexts in the fields of media, culture and art. She loves discovering individual uniqueness and creating intelligences in transformative relational settings.



Ngan-Tram Ho Dac

Ngan-Tram Ho Dac is a certified business coach and transformational facilitator. She works as a facilitator and mediator for transformative processes in times of New Work. She is also a regular lecturer in Psychology at the University of Hanoi. From the Cognitive Science school, she has developed a passion for interdisciplinary exploration of the mind and its training.  As an associate member of the Institute, she supervises coaching trainings and is responsible for evaluations in IFTL .



Adrian Wagner

is a doctoral student in Thomas Hübl’s AIS graduate program as well as co-founder of Teal Wave Consulting. He is a political scientist and social worker. In his dissertation, Adrian Wagner explores the Pocket Project through mindfulness-based action research based on presencing and U-theory. The goal of the work is, among other things, to explore how global-social witnessing can be cultivated individually and collectively. As part of the Institute for Integral Global Competence, he supports the Global Social Witnessing Labs 2020 project at Witten/Herdecke University.  Adrian has a passion for Japanese martial arts, meditation, poetry and dancing tango.




Tobias Sommer

is a certified business coach and facilitator. He graduated in Arts Management and Cultural Work at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam. Until 2011 he worked as Brand & Account Manager. Most recently, he was the Studio Lead for Workplace Consulting at AECOM in Munich. Since then, he has been working as a transformation consultant in medium-sized companies as well as corporate groups. His talent is to weave art, leadership and community work for a creative togetherness. In his private time he supports his father in reforestation.



Dr. Maren Beverung

Dr. Maren Beverung is a business coach (ECA) and consultant for sustainability in supply chains. For more than ten years, she has accompanied companies in their ecological, social and economic transformation across the entire value chain. She accompanies leading figure from the cotton farmer in India to top manager in Germany. She loves value, culture and relationship work as the basis for sustainable business.


Manuela Bosch

Manuela Bosch is a facilitator, accompanying transformative experiences in group processes. She brings 13 years of experience in consulting and project management and supports cooperative teams with Dragon Dreaming inspired facilitation. Manuela Bosch is initiator of the Vanilla Way Network and the Collaboration Incubator Program.

Dr. Felix Hoch

Felix Hoch has been accompanying innovation and change processes since 2010. He studied biology, religious studies, Japanese studies and philosophy in Munich and Tokyo. Together with Iris von Tiedemann, Felix Hoch developed the threshold concept for transformation. Felix Hoch works independently as a process facilitator and consultant and is a lecturer at the School of Design Thinking (D-School) of the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) in Potsdam.


Jörg Geier

Jörg Geier has conducted a number of impact projects in various international roles. During his 5-year stay in the San Francisco Bay Area, he networked German and Silicon Valley-based cleantech companies and ecosystems. As part of an EU-funded project, he researched incentives for “sustainable entrepreneurship”. As Director of Executive Education at Cambridge University Judge Business School, Jörg Geier coordinated programs on leadership and capacity building. He is a member of the Club of Rome, where he was previously Deputy Secretary General.

Kieffer, Melissa, Portrait - Kopie.jpg

Melissa Kieffer

Melissa Kieffer works independently as an embodiment coach, dancer and choreographer. She leads groups on embodiment and movement research. In her work she combines the creative artistic approach with methods from bodywork and practices from contemporary dance. The core of her work is to accompany and initiate embodied transformation processes. Her focus is on fostering individual body intelligence, group intelligence and exploring the shared space of development.


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Michel

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Michel is a lawyer, mediator and business coach. He accompanies transactions, personal and organizational change processes as well as succession processes in family businesses. Ulrich Michel teaches law as an honorary professor at the Babelsberg Film University. He is trained and certified as a process moderator and facilitator at the IFTL.





Ute Schechtel

Ute Schechtel works as a facilitator, business coach and creative consultant. As a source of inspiration for a sustainable global community, she is committed to integrating old knowledge into new possibilities and to establishing personal mastery as the basis for personal growth and sustainable business.



Christian Kaspar Schwarm

Christian Schwarm is an entrepreneur and future consultant. His preferred approach is creative “discourse” and his goal the connection of the rational perspective with our intuitive creativity. His great passions include contemporary art (because of it he founded a global and non-commercial online platform), exceptional books (he curates a regular selection for his own book subscription) and music, for which you need a lot of electricity (he is also a strategy lecturer at the Mannheim Pop Academy). Christian’s first book has just been published: “Our Life with Pig” is “a miracle book for grown-ups”. To our institute, Christian brings, among other things, his extensive knowledge about Spiral Dynamics, which he believes clarifies the view of all that may seem strange and crazy in our world right now.


Stephane Seckin

Stephane Seckin has been a QI Gong teacher since 1995 and treats people with special Qi massages. He has also been a Kung FU trainer for 30 years. Stephane is an expert in bringing ancient Qi knowledge to the leadership levels of international companies. He works as a coach and trainer and gives lectures in many places on the topic of “Mindfulness and development potential for companies”.


Monika Smith

Monika Smith works as an executive coach for transformational leadership, purpose and impact. The author of “Business Purpose Design” accompanies future-oriented change processes and questions entrenched structures. In doing so, she helps companies to live an innovation-driven, people-centered and sustainable perspective.





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