a 9-week zoom training session of 6 hours – DATE: Start from January 2021

with Iris von Tiedemann and Ngan-Tram Ho Dac

How do we train our ability to deal with transformation healthily? How do we recognize the underlying change topic in the complexity of our challenges. What potential needs to be released and developed? Which shadows emerge and need to be changed? Building on the eight stages of the transformation of the IFTL (see training), we will examine and align personal transformation topics in a focused and protected manner, close to everyday life. The training includes a mix of professional input, plenary and triad work, reflection tasks and provided text material. (mehr….)

Costs: 650.00 plus VAT.


The Bigger Picture

One-day intensive workshop on Spiral Dynamics with Christian Kaspar Schwarm
and Iris von Tiedemann – DATE November 21, 2020

The participants receive a basis of the spiral dynamic theory, which is currently more suitable than almost any other model for analyzing and, above all, understanding the current and major changes in our time. Spiral Dynamics shows that right now we are facing at least two major paradigm shifts that are manifesting globally and before our eyes. It helps that Spiral Dynamics can be applied on a social, corporate and personal level.

Costs: EUR 280.00 plus VAT.
Max. 15 participants





Expanding towards Embodiment

Two-day body intelligence workshop
with Melissa Kieffer
DATE: Springtime 2021

We are at a point in our evolution where we can decide how we want to shape the course of our history. This requires new approaches to perception and action. In this workshop, the participants get access again through their most valuable instrument, the body, to a deeper level of intelligence, intuition and the holistic knowledge of healthy and connected action. The course is about leadership qualities in one’s own body, body awareness in general, core motivations, one’s own potential and resources and anchoring these experiences in our cellular knowledge.

COSTS: EUR 350.00 plus VAT.


Female Leaders Journey

a 10-week digital workshop for women
with Iris von Tiedemann and Janna Gesell –
DATE: from March 2021 – every Saturday of six hours

The 10-week journey opens up the leadership capacities that exist in all of us through a clearly prescribed depth psychological structure with many experimental formats and contemplation exercises. The journey is experience-oriented, should be fun and lead us back to our lightness and liveliness. The participants learn to develop and use their unique potentials, which are too often projected outside or are hidden in the shadows. The digital journey is accompanied by weekly individual sessions, mediations and peer groups.

COSTS: EUR 850.00 plus VAT.