• Transformation requires involvement on many levels and the use of different intelligences. For this we offer a protected, holistic space to enable deep practical experience.
  • Being able to accompany transformation processes requires an attitude of mindfulness – for yourself, for those involved and for what is happening. This is achieved from an inner space of calm, clarity and alertness. We are consistently strengthening this.
  • Transformation requires specific transformation methods and skills. In a co-creative learning field, the training offers a variety of tried and tested and relevant tools.
  • We can only support outside what we have worked on inside. The training focuses on people and the project in constant balance. Conflict situations are welcome opportunities to learn, grow, and pay attention.
  • Complexity has to be endured. We follow the living and sometimes the silent and subtle. This requires an openness to the new, the surprising and the unfamiliar. Here we encourage and create references.