Throughout the entire training, we see great importance to making the essential elements and attitudes of transformation support tangible in every aspect. Another feature is the inclusion of different intelligences that we have available as humans – head, heart, body, intuition and collective intelligence. Our journey together incorporates the context of the evolutionary and global challenges facing humanity, which are reflected in diverse ways in everyday life and work.


The training for transformation accompaniment is based on an archetypal model of transformation that focuses not only on transformation phases but also on the elementary thresholds of every transformation process. These are described in the Eight Thresholds of Transformation.
The model includes old traditional knowledge of transformation processes (e.g. I Ching, Enneagram, alchemical individuation process) as well as modern approaches such as Otto Scharmer’s Theory U and Design Thinking process. In this way, resistances, stagnations and possibilities of overcoming transformation can be penetrated and competently accompanied in a precise manner.


Complementary to process grammar, which describes the structure of transformation, IFTL works with the process-oriented approach. The focus is on working at the boundary of perception, attitude and behavior to expand and renew subjective realities. This approach is based on the work of Dr. Arnold Mindell, the founder of process-oriented psychology in the tradition of C. G. Jung. For this purpose, the IFTL supports the individuation process of each individual in order to manifest individual potentials into life. In the collective space, current transformational syndromes are condensed into the awareness of the human capacity of healing and emergent evolutionary impulses.




In addition to the thresholds of transformation, IFTL uses integral coaching tools that have been specially developed in practice. These are based on the following approaches, among others:

– Process-oriented psychology for organizational development (Dr. Arnold Mindell, Dr. Max Schüpbach)
– Integral Life Coaching (Ken Wilber)
– IFS – Internal Family System (Richard C. Schwartz)
– Spiral Dynamics & Teal Organizations Model (Dr. Don Beck, Frédéric Laloux)
– Transparent Communication, Trauma Integration Processes (Thomas Hübl)
– Systemic structure and communication work
– Emergent Dialogue (Elizabeth Debold, Thomas Steininger), Bohmian Dialogue (collective intelligence)
– Positive psychology (strengths and values work)
– Creativity (design thinking & scenario development)
– Process-oriented bodywork (e.g. from the work of Arawana Hayashi, Pantarei Approach)
– Mindfulness practice, meditation (MBSR method according to Jon Kabat-Zinn)
– Typological analyses (Golden Profiler of Personality, 64Keys, Enneagram)


Iris von Tiedemann is responsible for and leads the entire transformational coaching training as a teaching coach. Coro Zimmermann is a co-facilitator in the training. Further impulse givers enrich the modules.

IFTL Publikation

The publication on threshold grammar, developed at IFTL by Dr. Felix Hoch and Iris von Tiedemann, can be ordered here: