Throughout the entire training, we see great importance to making the essential elements and attitudes of transformation support tangible in every aspect. Another feature is the inclusion of different intelligences that we have available as humans – head, heart, body, intuition and collective intelligence. Our journey together incorporates the context of the evolutionary and global challenges facing humanity, which are reflected in diverse ways in everyday life and work.



The training is based on an archetypal process model that consistently focuses on the elementary thresholds of every transformation. In addition to old traditional knowledge of change processes, the model draws on modern new approaches such as Otto Scharmer’s theory U and also the Enneagram. In this way, resistance, stagnation and opportunities to overcome transformation can be penetrated and competently accompanied in a precise manner. In the current training series, the respective thresholds are symbolically designed and staged using the system of the Chinese Book of Changes (I Ching) and the associated archetypal elements and thus brought to life.




In order to experience transformation authentically, each participant is called upon to contribute their own specific project. The Masterclass series with integrated coaching training comprises nine modules that build on one another. These are divided into three levels.

The first stage offers a personal experience reference of the transformation experienced on the basis of the eight IFTL transformation thresholds. The second stage combines subjective experience with transformative project work with a special focus on relationship work. The third stage professionalises the accompaniment of transformation processes in teams, organizations and society. This structure reflects the principle: What has not been processed inside cannot be accompanied or supported outside.

After completing all levels, the participants are officially certified as transformation guides by the Institute for Transformational Leadership and as coaches according to the guidelines of the ECA (European Coaching Association).



From our many years of experience, we use numerous tried and tested tools and methods that we convey and apply according to the process:

  • Elements from process-oriented psychology
  • Bohmian Dialogue (collective intelligence)
  • Spiral Dynamics & Teal Organizations Model
  • Typological analyzes (Golden Profiler of Personality, 64Keys, Enneagram)
  • Positive psychology (strengths and values ​​work)
  • Systemic structure and communication work
  • Strategy work (Circle of Leadership, Strategy Workshop, AI)
  • Creativity (Design Thinking & Scenario Development)
  • Body movement work (including from the work of Arawana Hayashi)
  • Mindfulness practice, meditation
  • and much more

Iris von Tiedemann is responsible for and leads the entire training as a teaching coach. She is supported by several experts who contribute content on specific topics.