IFTL Online Transformation Training for Leaders and Facilitators

Nine days remote training for successful transformation facilitation

Start 09.04.2022, 14.05.22, 11.06.22, 09.07.22, 13.08.22, 17.09.22, 15.10.22, 12.11.22, 10.12.22

Times: 15:00 to 19:00 CET

Cost: 200.00 EUR per module – total if paid in advance: 1.670,00 EUR


Transformation dynamics are highly complex. Leaders, coaches and changemakers know this at the latest when they find themselves in the midst of the typical defense mechanisms of stakeholders and organizations for an urgently pending change. How to deal with it? There are valuable tools, but for a successful accompaniment, personal experience for communication, relationship dynamics and systemic action is needed above all.

For the many current challenges – be it adaptations to climate change, sustainable and innovative business models or sustainable collaboration – a new mindset is needed. Easy to say. New awareness only builds on profound experience of used crises and experienced transformational successes.

The IFTL threshold architecture maps the dynamics and phases for complex transformation processes like a precise blueprint. Eight levers are relevant for achieving the highest possible transformation impact. Setting these levers in motion, however, requires the appropriate attitude and awareness. In addition to core qualities such as leadership mastery, relationship orientation, value awareness and a systemic approach to complexity, the IFTL training teaches the power of the complementary uniqueness of each individual for the community and society.

The IFTL training is a digital composition of expert input, facilitation, peer group work and above all a collective learning space. Only there the intelligence for change emerges!

Facilitation: Iris von Tiedemann

Co-Facilitation: Ngan-Tram Ho Dac

Foto: Joy von Tiedemann

The Bigger Picture

One-day intensive workshop on Spiral Dynamics with Christian Kaspar Schwarm
and Iris von Tiedemann – DATE on request

Participants will receive a foundation of Spiral Dynamics theory, which is currently more suitable than any other model for analyzing and, above all, understanding the current and major changes in our time. Spiral Dynamics shows that right now we are facing at least two major paradigm shifts that are manifesting themselves globally and before our eyes. It helps that Spiral Dynamics can be applied on the societal as well as on the corporate and on the very personal level.

Cost: 280,00 EUR plus VAT

Max. 15 participants




Two-day body intelligence workshop
with Melissa Kieffer
DATE: Spring 2021

We are at a point in our evolution at which we can decide how we want to shape the continuation of our story. This requires new approaches to perception and action. In this workshop, participants will be given space to access again through their most valuable instrument, the body, a deeper level of intelligence, intuition and the holistic knowledge of healthy and connected action. It is about leadership qualities in one’s own body, body awareness in general, core motivations, one’s own potential and resources and anchoring these experiences in our cellular knowledge.

COST: 350,00 EUR plus VAT.


Female Leaders Journey

a 10-week digital workshop for women
with Iris von Tiedemann and Janna Gesell –
DATE: starting in Autumn 2021 – every Saturday for six hours each.

The 10-week journey opens up our leadership capacities that exist in all of us through a clearly specified depth-psychological structure with many experimental formats and contemplation exercises. The shared journey is experiential, designed to be fun and to return us to our lightness and aliveness. Participants learn to unleash and utilize their unique potentials that are too often projected outward or hidden in the shadows. The digital journey is accompanied by weekly individual sessions, mediations and peer groups.

COST: 850,00 EUR plus VAT.



a 2-day workshop
with Ngan-Tram Ho Dac –
DATE: Spring 2021

The more self-organization and teamwork, the more inner issues of our selves are reflected in the outside. There is no more profound learning than that in social fields and thus in teams. In “process-oriented constellation work” dynamics and relationships within a system – e.g. organizations, family, body – are made tangible. Hidden or suppressed parts become visible and are positioned accordingly. They receive a shape and a voice. Patterns can be made conscious and find expression through movement or naming. In a protected constellation space we use the intelligence of the group for developmental work.

COST: 350,00 EUR plus VAT.